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Story #3
by Werewolfsbane

The cover page for story #3 is going up tomorrow.

Halloween treat
by Werewolfsbane

Seeing as a certain upcoming scene will (-sort of coincidently-)fit nicely into the halloween mood, I've decided that there will be an update everyday in the week leading up to halloween!(Also the scene will be in. . . FULL COLOUR!) :D

Story stuff
by Werewolfsbane

I don't know why but I sort of forgot to mention that all 500+pages I have saved up are all made last year,with #1 having been made a year ago.since then, the drawing and story have gotten better although it will take a while to become. . . Obvious?clearer?its weird looking back on thing I know for sure is that my spelling and grammar is the same.(I think)

The first comic upload pace
by Werewolfsbane

So for C.o.F ill upload the entire first comic fairly quickly(or sort of quickly?moderatly fast?moderatly modderate?)so people can get an idea of what the series is like, then ill upload the others but at a slower pace.if i calculated  things right, i have around 370 good copy pages done for the comics,and 570 if i count the rough copy pages.I had LOTS of free time last year 0_o  .