[The page will be in colour at some point. The page is currently a Work In Progress.] 

Daryl Mason

Agrees to be the Champion of the goddess Leilusa, so he can participate in a tournament. Doesn’t bother to fully read the contract. Good with swords and daggers.


A Goddess Of Shadow. One half of the Hyperia Pantheon’s deities, and Hyperion’s literal Best Friend Forever. Doesn’t always understand the danger of a situation, and doesn’t always understand why silly little things like that might make people upset.

Skye Glorious

Hyperion’s champion. Has a short-ish temper, and is often unamused by her bosses antics. Fights with a mace her father gave her.


A God of Light. One half of the Hyperia Pantheon’s deities, And Leilusa’s literal Best Friend Forever. Occasionally forgets how mortals physiologies work, and has a tendency to poke his fingers together when nervous.