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Underground Runaround Dedication
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Werewolfsbane 17th Jul 2021, 1:00 PM edit delete
. . . Here it is. (She liked flowers and birds and music. Purple was her favourite colour. She also liked green)

So uh, theres something I wanted to say at the end of story #13, but was worried it might affect how people viewed stories #14 and #15 going forward. Now that Underground Runaround is at it's end, I figured this would be a good a time as any to say it.

Story #13 was the last story I wrote the rough copy for, for Champions of Far'aus, before the car accident that killed my grama and put me in the hospital for a week or so in 2018 occurred.

Story #13, was the last Champions of Far'aus story with any sort of input or such from my grama. I liked showing her scenes from the comic as I was working on them to see what she thought, and because I was happy to show her the work I had done. She never wrote any scenes or anything, but I would often write stories or parts of the stories while visiting her house every weekend. Some things we watched or did together inspired some parts of Champions of Far'aus.

- - - - - - - - - -
A few (but not all) examples:

- ("Samuels Problem page 3") We often played cards, mostly rummy. The version we played included an option to "buy" cards, and it's the version I put in the short story "Samuels Problem".

- (Story #5, P12) We watched the 1995 television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice a lot because my grama was a big Jane Austen fan. My inspiration for the Rondo rex scene was directly from the part where one of the Bingly sisters rushes to play a fast paced version of "Rondo-alla-turka" on piano to stop Mr. Collins from "entertaining" the party with a boring sermon or hymn or something. It always made us laugh. It gave me the idea for the "Rondo Rex", although I played an electric guitar version in the background instead while I wrote the scene.

- (Story #11, P59) My grandmother's parents were from Austria & Germany (I always forget which from where), and I passed some of Edvard's dialogue past her to check if some of the pronunciations of some of the words sounded at least vaguely German, since Germany is part of my inspiration for Galemore.

- (Story #9) One of Mr. X's test subjects. I forget which one exactly, but I remember asking her for a random animal, and a random object, and she either suggested an octopus, or a bird.

- (Story #1, P37 nc) My grandmother liked roses. She had a rose bush in her backyard. It's still there, but I'm really scared of bugs & spiders, so I don't go back there often, and don't stay long unless it's fall, winter, or raining. I thought a rose bush for the pantheon house temple grounds would be nice.

- (Apple fight P3) (The Far'aus Cookbook P1) She also had an apple tree in the backyard. It's still there, but one year my dad tried using weed killer around it to get rid of some dandelions in 2019, and I'm hoping it didn't hurt the tree. We would make apple pies every year with apples from the tree because they are somewhat tart green apples, and make nice pies. She also got some sour cherries from a neighbour in 2017, and made some juice with them. The apple and cherry juice in the früt beer recipe are in part inspired by the fruits we used.

And again, those are just a few examples off of the top of my head. (It's kind of painful to try to think of more)
- - - - - - - - - -

Story #14 and Story #15 were written in the summer and fall respectively of 2018, the same year as the accident. I'm sure it had some effect on my writing, but it would be emotionally draining to try to analyze it in full I think, so . . . I don't know, that's that for that I guess. One of the (many) things that makes me sad about the whole thing for my webcomic, is that my grama never got to see Karla & Skye get rescued. She knew that they would be because I told her my general outline for for how the story arc would end, but she . . . won't ever get to see how it ended up playing out. (This is painful to type but I can't stop thinking about it.)

A final small thing that's been upsetting me for awhile that I need to get off my chest (I've already told my psychologist, family, friends, etc.), is that when I was in the hospital and couldn't work on my webcomic, I was also unable to add to my webcomic buffer, so for a bit, no pages went out, delaying story #7 (I think it was 7?). During this time, I lost either one or two subscribers, I can't remember. Losing subscribers stings a little sure, but I don't begrudge people for not following something if they are upset with it or just aren't interested. What made it sting a lot, however, was that whenever I got a new subscriber, my grama was usually the first person I told, and a few weeks before the accident, I got two almost one after another, and we both were really excited, and she was really impressed & proud of & happy for me. Losing the subscriber(s?) that I remembered excitedly sharing with her that I had gotten, so soon after her death while I was still in the hospital just days after it happened . . . It just hurt. Like salt in a wound, kicked while was down, cherry on a shit sundae, whatever you'd call it. And the worst part was I couldn't tell my grama about it or how I was feeling.
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jmluvsbob 19th Jul 2021, 9:45 PM edit delete reply
Hey, I know I haven’t caught up yet and stopped reading for a moment (just been really busy myself), but I saw your dedication and I think it’s very beautiful. Your grandma seemed like a wonderful person and I’m glad you were able to share your comic with her like you did. It’s also quite touching how you were able to integrate moments with her into your comic. I really think that’s a beautiful and heartwarming thing.

I am so terribly sorry for your loss.
Werewolfsbane 19th Jul 2021, 10:24 PM edit delete reply
Aw, thank you, me & her were really close. Sometimes it seems like we were hanging out only yesterday when I know it’s been over three years.

Edit: I just remembered, sometimes when I showed her my comic she’d start nodding off, I guess she found it pretty calming to read, haha.
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