Comic 145 - C.o.F #3 P3

26th Jan 2017, 1:00 PM in Comic #3 Different roads
C.o.F #3 P3
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Werewolfsbane 26th Jan 2017, 8:26 AM edit delete
Finally, Sarengal, top leader of Sarengal's cult, appears! . . . In the comic and not just on the cover for #3!
Incase anyone is wondering, the way he's coloured on the cover page is his actual color scheme.I noticed after I put it up that I gave Serpentus a sillouette look on the cover of #2, and thought people might get a bit confused.Also incase anyone is wondering why I don't color him in, the comic is hand drawn(with mechanical pencils) and coloured in pencil crayon(When there is colour),so that would both kill my black pencil crayons, and/or the printer.(I draw a rough copy, redraw it as a good copy, then print a copy of the good copy for a final copy,then colour and/or scan it with my phone.)(Then put the paper copies in page protectors in binders that go in plastic storage bins.)(except the rough copies.they're written on lined paper with holes in them,I can stick them in a binder without ruining any pictures.)(I feel like this paragraph lost focus at some point.Oh well.)
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