Comic 153 - C.o.F #3 P11

9th Feb 2017, 1:00 PM in Comic #3 Different roads
C.o.F #3 P11
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Werewolfsbane 4th Feb 2017, 2:18 AM edit delete
Ok, so I got the idea for the house of insanity from a dream I had, and the sunlight-keeps-you-sane part was a big part of was a building built like a maze, with every corridor branching into 2 more at their ends, and monsters all around, and bookshelves moving on train tracks for some reason.Out of everything I saw in the dream, that was the weird part.Anyways, instead of sunlight before dark hallways, it was sunlight before entering a room, and the rooms had small windows to allow random bits of sunlight in.It was kind of set up like a videogame puzzle, and I had to plan out my moves while standing in sunlight because- well you know, the not-sane-in-shade thing.also, I can't actually remember what the monsters looked like, just that they were vaguely unsettling, so I tried to keep that in mind when making the Hypnolytic spirits.I'll continue talking about plot relevant dream stuff on the next page.
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khkddn 10th Feb 2017, 4:09 PM edit delete reply
Hypnolytic spirits are terrifying, I preferred when they looked like cats...

The house of insanity coming from a dream is very fitting.
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