Comic 211 - C.o.F #4 P6

30th May 2017, 1:00 PM in Comic #4 Daryl's day(?) off(?)
C.o.F #4 P6
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Werewolfsbane 30th May 2017, 1:00 PM edit delete
Leilusa and Hyperion are fond of Yorken.
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khkddn 30th May 2017, 4:49 PM edit delete reply
On the inn sign: is that a snake, holding mail and a chicken leg,
Werewolfsbane 31st May 2017, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
Yes. The symbol of the Galemore postal service is a coiled up snake holding mail in its mouth. The pictures might be a bit too small on the pages. The postal workers are wearing badges with the symbol on it.
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