Comic 384 - C.o.F #6 P42

10th Apr 2018, 1:00 PM in Comic #6 NIGHTMARE
C.o.F #6 P42
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Werewolfsbane 10th Apr 2018, 10:36 AM edit delete
I had a name for this illusion monster somewhere in some notes, but I lost them, and couldn’t remember it if my life depended on it :/

Anyways, this monster is actually a monster from one of my nightmares. To be more specific, this monster and Serpentus are the monster from my nightmare split into two characters. Serpentus got to have the location (which looks exactly as it did in my dream, minus a second staircase behind the door, and an extra corridor acting more like a bridge over the water rather than around its edge, with windows on either side), chase sequence, and parts where he can’t get past a locked door, taunts the protagonists, and goes near one of them after hearing the sound they make while crawling, straight from my nightmare (It wasn’t fun being the one hunted), with the only changes being dialogue, and a few minor tweaks to make it fit into the story, while the illusion monster got its ability to fly, and multiple heads. Differences from the dream creature: First, is the splitting of it into two separate characters. Second, I made Serpentus a sea serpent, and changed four of the illusion monsters’s heads to stuff other than a sea serpent one, to compound the strangeness of the dreamscape (the butterfly wings were added for the same reason), and gave it some light dream affecting abilities/powers (creating a chair, messing with Daryl’s dream body, etc.). Third, I did not give either of them the original monsters ability to indefinitely stretch out its necks, as I felt that it made them just a bit overpowered.

I had the nightmare while I was working on the first C.o.F story, while camping in the okanagan lake area with my family. I like to swim, but I get scared thinking of what could be in the water, so I think the thought of the Ogopogo, or at the very least some large underwater creature (fish or otherwise), eventually bothered me enough that it became a nightmare.
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