Comic 571 - C.o.F #9 P23

28th Feb 2019, 1:00 PM in Comic #9 Mr.X's Castle
C.o.F #9 P23
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Werewolfsbane 28th Feb 2019, 1:00 PM edit delete
The printer I used had some problems with printing #9, mainly by not making some lines in the bottom right corner on practically all of the pages have spots of light ink, and lines that seem half printed. I mainly tried to touch them up with gel pens, but for Four-Five here, I had to try and digitally redraw most of its face, because some of the light lines didn't show up when I scanned it, and I couldn't use gel pens because I didn't have any with a fine enough point, which I had started to try to use on Daryl in the last panel as well, but had to also redraw digitally when I realized that my smallest point gel pen was too thick for the fine lines.
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