Comic 635 - C.o.F #9 P87

20th Jun 2019, 1:00 PM in Comic #9 Mr.X's Castle
C.o.F #9 P87
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Werewolfsbane 20th Jun 2019, 1:00 PM edit delete
Ok, so there was a bit of a goof here I didn't notice until I started touching up the page on the computer. 2, actually. The first is that in the first panel on the bottom row, I had drawn the connecting bit to the wheel blade wrong, so I had to fix it up. The second is that Douglas calls Subject 23 subject 35. At first I was going to correct it, but then I realized that, being new to the castle, Douglas probably doesn't remember who all the other subjects are yet, so it would make sense for him to slip up on the names.
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