Comic 644 - C.o.F #9 P96

5th Jul 2019, 1:00 PM in Comic #9 Mr.X's Castle
C.o.F #9 P96
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Werewolfsbane 5th Jul 2019, 1:00 PM edit delete
And that is the end of Story #9, Mr.X's Castle! I hope everyone enjoyed it, it was the longest one yet. As per usual, there will be a break between this story and the next, and as usual, it won't be too long; #10, "PARTY TIME!" will begin uploading on the 22nd of July. (The cover page will go up a day before)

Now, as much as I don't like to admit it, I kind of sort of definitely lost track of the short story that was intended to pad out the wait (It's binder is either in a moving box, or already moved & trapped behind other moving boxes & furniture). Don't worry though - I have a backup in the form of the good copy, that is also where I can't get to at the moment, but I do know where it is (or the area it's in to be more specific), so even though it won't go up this month, it will go up in the future.

Instead, to drip-drop some extra content out, "World of Far'aus - The official C.o.F guide", will (finally) have new info added to it! (Getting ready to move + surgery recovery stuff forced me to focus on getting #9 up). (Here is a link to the "World of Far'aus" Archive)

For next week, it will be some of the info pages for some of Mr.X's test subjects seen in #9. For the week before #10 goes up, the normal C.o.F uploading schedule will be used, with the first half of the week about Reapers & who they work for, with the second half having info on Wheel Blades (Marshal & co.'s weapon of choice), and some info on Sarengal Flamers (Rom's now-former occupation), and the gear they use.

It should be fun ^_^
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