Comic 651 - C.o.F #10 P6

30th Jul 2019, 1:00 PM in Comic #10 PARTY TIME!
C.o.F #10 P6
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Werewolfsbane 30th Jul 2019, 1:00 PM edit delete
(Debatably) fun fact about pineapple: Eating a lot of it fresh can cause a painful burning feeling in your mouth, because it has an enzyme called bromelain that digests protein, which is often sold as a meat tenderizer.

(Also Debatably) fun fact about spicy peppers: They cause a burning feeling because of a compound (best known as) capsaicin, which (to simplify the process) basically causes a false alarm for the part of your body that feels pain when you get burned, and the reason that (animal) milk helps relieve it, and water only gives temporary relief, is that capsaicin is oil-like, and milk contains something called casein, which is described as "fat-loving ", and so it binds to the capsaicin, and basically helps carry it away.

I made pineapple an ingredient for the fourth & fifth bowls of heartburn salad and not part of the earlier rounds because it really helps the difficulty scale, and because I felt like it would have been sort of mean to put the characters through 5 rounds of their mouths getting slowly digested, especially with them also having to down 5 bowls of a salt & vinegar mixture with it.

For the jalapeños, while they're not the spiciest peppers, people’s tolerance for consuming capsaicin (which is kind of sort of pain tolerance for feeling like your insides are literally on fire) can vary from person to person, and with it being around for 3 rounds, it has some time for the heat to build up, making the challenge progressively worse. I considered scaling the pepper types up as well, but thought that since the challenge is about eating progressively more painful bowls of onion & tomato soaked in vinegar, anything stronger would have turned it into a spicy pepper challenge instead.

The Mystery Dish Eating Competition, Heartburn Salad Edition: Engineered to cause pain.
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khkddn 3rd Aug 2019, 7:40 PM edit delete reply
The challenges are cruel, but I like Daryl's enthusiasm :D
Werewolfsbane 4th Aug 2019, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
Daryl is a good teammate ^_^
I think either the night of, or the night before I wrote this scene, I had a bowl of the salad that I tried adding jalapeño to. It was really tasty but also painful, I think it either inspired the scene, or was part of the research for it, I feel like it may be the former, but I can’t remember exactly.
It’s sort of funny to me looking back on that, because now I like to use habaneros instead of bell peppers in recipes (I find they have a similar taste but way more of a kick to them), especially raw habaneros on sandwiches, and sometimes I eat them on their own. They can potentially be (as far as I can tell from my research) somewhere around 100 times more hot than a jalapeño (Individual peppers of the same type can really vary in the amount of capsaicin from one to another).
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